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The kind of retirement your employees will enjoy depends on the financial decisions they make today. When they join their employer-sponsored retirement plan, they take the first step towards a more secure future. But enrolling in the plan is only the beginning. As plan participants, they have to make some important decisions about how to save and where to invest their savings. Some employees are risk adverse so they prefer to invest in an option that will not "lose money". The SunTrust FDIC Insured Account is an alternative for individuals who are hesitant to invest in stocks and bonds.


The SunTrust Bank FDIC Insured Account has the following benefits:

  • Interest earning demand deposit account that provides current income while preserving capital.

  • Currently offers FDIC insurance protection up to $250,000 per participant.

  • Funds invested in this account are considered deposits of SunTrust Bank.

  • The account falls under the "cash" asset class and acts like any other option in terms of participants' ability to view and transfer in and out of the account.


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